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Timely and important information related to COVID-19 and the campus community

Vaccination status form
vaccination registration form

Updated guidelines for fall semester

? Complete list of campus briefings and updates

In a campus briefing July 8, college leaders announced that all students, faculty and staff will be required to provide their COVID-19 vaccination status to the college by Aug. 1.?

→ To do so, students, faculty and staff?should fill out this form to register their vaccination status.

(If you have problems with your 足彩澳门即时盘 login, email the ITS Helpdesk. Otherwise, contact the Dean of Students, 309-794-7533, for more information or assistance.)

Students must register their vaccination status before they can?move into campus housing.?

Faculty, staff and students who provide proof of vaccination will be exempt from mitigation requirements such as masking and distancing.

Community members who are not vaccinated — or who do register their?proof of vaccination — will be required to wear masks indoors, to socially distance where possible, and to participate in COVID-19 surveillance testing upon their return to campus.

Certain activities, which may include participation in some or all athletic teams, music ensembles or large student groups, may not be available to unvaccinated students. Domestic and international travel options also may be limited or unavailable for those who are unvaccinated.

For details, see?What to expect in fall semester.

Vaccination status reports will be treated as confidential. 足彩澳门即时盘 officials will use this information to assess whether any herd immunity benefits have been achieved, or if more stringent COVID-19 mitigation steps will be required. ?

President Steve Bahls, his cabinet and members of the board of trustees, will monitor the level of community transmission of COVID-19; the vaccination status of students, faculty and staff; and the status of COVID-19 in the larger community. These factors will determine whether additional mitigation steps will be required.

President Bahls said that everyone who chooses to get vaccinated does it for a reason: to protect their family, to protect their children, to be less anxious, to visit their parents, or to get back to activities such as seeing friends or returning to school.

"Today I’m here to encourage those members of our campus community who are not yet vaccinated to consider getting vaccinated before we resume classes on Aug. 30," he said.

Plans for fall 2021 include in-person learning, athletics, social activities and celebrations, and opportunities to enjoy the arts.

"We hope that every student is able to enjoy all the benefits of the on-campus learning and living experience. And those who are vaccinated will have more freedom and opportunities on campus," President Bahls said.

Dr. Wes Brooks, dean of students, said that stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a community effort.

"The college will rely on each person’s compliance with the mitigation requirements applicable to their situations to halt the pandemic," he said.


The college is operating under the?COVID-19 mitigation plans of the?足彩澳门即时盘 Strong Task Force.

The college will operate under one of four alert levels:

Level 1?Low Alert/New Normal
Level 2?Moderate Alert
Level 3 High Alert
Level 4?Very High Alert

Movement between these alert levels will be guided by the a number of factors,?including the positivity rate on campus and in Rock Island County. Currently, the college is operating at Level 2. (See 足彩澳门即时盘 足彩澳门即时盘 COVID Alert Levels)

足彩澳门即时盘's?COVID-19 Testing Dashboard will be updated every week when classes are in session.

Make a virtual appointment

Virtual appointments now are available at many campus offices. When possible, students and families should use this service instead of going into offices in person.

COVID-19 related new policies and policy changes

Refund policy

Assessing the COVID-19 risk


The college will not automatically send a campus notice if a student or employee is diagnosed with COVID-19.

足彩澳门即时盘 will provide information as required by legal and health authorities, and will work closely with the Rock Island County Health Department.